A downloadable programming language for Windows and macOS

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Monkey2 is an easy to use, cross platform, games oriented programming language from Blitz Research.

Source Code

Monkey2 is zlib/libpng licensed and the full source code is available from github.


Online documentation is available here.

Discord channel


Release Packages

Occasional 'release' packages are also created from time to time and are available from this site. Packages are only built for Windows and Macos. To build monkey2 for Linux you'll need to build from the github source.

The packages includes a custom IDE written in monkey2 itself, however if you're on Windows you might also  want to check out the 3rd party Mollusk IDE here.


User Danilo has kindly set up some forums here: http://monkeycoders.boards.net/

Pakz Monkey 2 examples

Long time Monkey 1 and Monkey 2 user Pakz, has created an excellent set of examples to get you started in Monkey2.


Pakz Monkey2 3D examples


Peterigz Monkey2 tutorials

The author of the excellent TimelineFX module and editor has a tutorial series in 14 parts available on GitHub here:


Video tutorials for Monkey2, by Abe King

This video serves as an nice introduction to rendering in Monkey2.

This video serves as an nice introduction to  Strings, Math and Arrays in Monkey2

PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorBlitz Research


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Monkey2-v2018.09.exe 175 MB
Monkey2-v2018.09.pkg 124 MB
Monkey2-v2018.08.exe 176 MB
Monkey2-v2018.08.pkg 125 MB
Monkey2-v2018.06.exe 133 MB
Monkey2-v2018.06.pkg 123 MB
Monkey2-v2018.05.exe 128 MB
Monkey2-v2018.05.pkg 122 MB
Monkey2-v2018.04.exe 211 MB
Monkey2-v2018.04.pkg 147 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.09.exe 191 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.09.pkg 123 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.08.exe 201 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.08.pkg 144 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.07.exe 207 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.07.pkg 129 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.06.exe 206 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.06.pkg 125 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.05b.exe 182 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.05b.pkg 104 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.04.exe 153 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.04.pkg 55 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.03.exe 148 MB
Monkey2-v1.1.03.pkg 49 MB

Development log


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this is a masterclass in how to take something people love and take a community that was once vibrant and then systematically shit all over it until its dead.

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BIG true. I'm still salty of the mismanagement, the dropping of the ball on development, the indifference to big opportunities, the unwillingness to... I'm sure they blame the community too instead of themselves. I'm sure they hate people like me even though I supported them, bought many licenses over the years, and shilled Mark's tools again and again. But NEVER AGAIN. I'm using Defold now and am super happy. But I'm still salty that these projects nosedived and were more or less abandoned.

http://monkeycoder.co.nz redirect here and http://monkeycoder.co.nz/forums/ is down for maintenance.
Any news (good or bad) ? I fear the worse... :-(

The new forum is at monkeycoders.boards.net.

Get the newest informations in the Monkey 2 Discord Chat.

http://monkeycoder.co.nz is down for maintenance. Any news ?

Mark's just taking Xmas off.

Why nothing is working? i got "Internal mx2cc build error" every time i run or build something, i actually tried to run the included examples, it was working fine under Windows 7 x86, but i got the same problem on Win 10 and Win 8.1 x64

By the way... the new itch.io 25.x series has the .pkg format for installers blacklisted, so Mac users see no installable files.

Any chance of this coming to linux?

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Several people have it going on x64 Linux already:



Feel free to ask questions in the forums (or here, but there are more people at forums).

Did you install the required dependencies (for me on Debian, all available as development packages from standard repositories--on your distribution, it may be different) and run rebuildall.sh (not as root)?

Then you can run the file it produces in the main folder as a binary, just run it from a terminal in that folder (see below).  Works with standard stuff so far but my college courseload is too much, I have to wait until this Summer to really sink my teeth into it and make any progress on the stuff I have planned.

Mark really deserves some help over on Patreon, if you are going to use his work you should send some money his way every month...