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I installed it on a new laptop. I wanted to revisit a old project. It installed without problem. I found the old files page(internet archive) containing the premade emscripten directory and the server directory that needs to be put in the devtools directory. Running things in the browser stil works with those.


Monkey 2 Files – Monkey 2 (


I rarely use Blitz softwares but  I think that many people still use them here.


this is a masterclass in how to take something people love and take a community that was once vibrant and then systematically shit all over it until its dead.

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BIG true. I'm still salty of the mismanagement, the dropping of the ball on development, the indifference to big opportunities, the unwillingness to... I'm sure they blame the community too instead of themselves. I'm sure they hate people like me even though I supported them, bought many licenses over the years, and shilled Mark's tools again and again. But NEVER AGAIN. I'm using Defold now and am super happy. But I'm still salty that these projects nosedived and were more or less abandoned.

Can someone tell me what happened? I used BlitzBasic back in the day and was happy to see, that this thing is still alive and got a successor ...


SO........ takes deep breath..

You probably know after BB Mark made Blitz Max, Max was really good, at this point the community I would say was at it's peek, the forums covered BB3D 2D and Max, and he had an active community for all of those languages, over time most people moved to Max but those other languages still had active posters, and those posters often took things done in Max and redid them in B3D and 2D it was a good time.

Mark then made what I would argue is his crowning achievement in Monkey and this is where the shit just hits the fan, First of all the name, I still want to know what drug he was on when he thought something with such an insane search term would be a good fit, you it was near impossible for ages to find anything monkey related without being flooded with actual bloody monkey results, the next major mistake was splitting the community in two with a new utterly garbage site with some of the worst design iv seen in my life it was a total mess, and I and others were constantly posting suggestions and requests to try and get him to change it lot of us even offered our help free of charge, he eventually got a new site design which was still not brilliant but it was better.

So at this point the community is now split, the monkey side is a fraction of the numbers on the blitz community, but both communities felt this split hard, the blitz side felt abandoned by Mark, and the monkey side felt shit about having so few posters and missed the thriving feel of the old forums, but things were improving slightly over time as the monkey forums grew.

Mark then made his final colossal mistake and split the now tiny community again, with moneky 2, at this point a massive amount of the now tiny community just refused to move, Monkey 1 has a small but active development team now and its in the form of Cerberus with a better website, Monkey 2 is in the toilet.

Mark, You should have never split your community so many times, or at all, You should have paid a decent web developer to overhaul your site so it could handle all the different toolsets, and you would still be making money today and you would still have a thriving and addicted fan base.

Thank you for this recap. So Cerberus X is the remaining pice, thanks for pointing me in that direction. I was allways wondering where all the community has gone. Even the once very active german forum blitz-forum seem to be not very active now and i was allways wondering why there is no Monkey related content. A bit sad ... Basically i learned coding with Blitz3D back then - bought the Language and the only german book there was :D redirect here and is down for maintenance.
Any news (good or bad) ? I fear the worse... :-(

The new forum is at

Get the newest informations in the Monkey 2 Discord Chat. is down for maintenance. Any news ?

Mark's just taking Xmas off.

Why nothing is working? i got "Internal mx2cc build error" every time i run or build something, i actually tried to run the included examples, it was working fine under Windows 7 x86, but i got the same problem on Win 10 and Win 8.1 x64

By the way... the new 25.x series has the .pkg format for installers blacklisted, so Mac users see no installable files.

Any chance of this coming to linux?

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Several people have it going on x64 Linux already:

Feel free to ask questions in the forums (or here, but there are more people at forums).

Did you install the required dependencies (for me on Debian, all available as development packages from standard repositories--on your distribution, it may be different) and run (not as root)?

Then you can run the file it produces in the main folder as a binary, just run it from a terminal in that folder (see below).  Works with standard stuff so far but my college courseload is too much, I have to wait until this Summer to really sink my teeth into it and make any progress on the stuff I have planned.

Mark really deserves some help over on Patreon, if you are going to use his work you should send some money his way every month...