Skirmish is a little prototype game written to test out some multiplayer network code I am working on based on 'webrtc data channels'.

There's not a lot to do yet unless you happen to join at the same time as someone else, in which case there's still not a lot to do except shoot each other!

I'll probably add some bots, make the landscape a bit more interesting and add a little chat window at some point, but will mostly be concentrating on my next multiplayer project.

Mark Sibly

Development log


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Glad to see an update. Hope you're fine.


Hi, I'm still here! I got a bit sidetracked there with a potential job offer that didn't pan out and writing some PR's for othe projects that never got merged for various reasons (never doing that again!)
But the biggest distraction for me has been getting the VR stuff up and running again, and with WebVR I hope to be adding some optional VR to this online demo/experiment/whatever-it-is too soon(ish).

Needs some strafe keys to play effectively, I think.

Yeah I agree, stay tuned...

GooD! You advance....

Great update. When the bots explode under rapid fire etc., the addblending really kicks in as a beautiful firework.

I like how the down key is reverse and scrolls this page :)

Argh, turned out to be a bit painful to fix too, fix coming after lunch though...

It's actually only a problem when walking back. As I wrote earlier, the setAttribute('tabindex',0) thingy fixed a similar issue, and it took me days to figure it out, so I thought I might save you that waste of time. However, my issue was my game wouldn't get any keys input at all, despite clicking the canvas, but the input was somehow stuck to an event handler of the surrounding page.

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That light projectile has beautiful dynamic lighting  and shadow fx. And physics too, there's a pool table aspect to it. There's an issue with the keys input, cursor up/down scrolls the page TOO while working in the game, not sure whether that's a focus thing, but here's what I used to fix itch.io specific key input issues, an onclick handler for the canvas that does:

var mycanvas= document.getElementById('thecanvas'); 


Ok, the keyboard thing appears to be a chrome specific (at least) issue, will fix.

Yeah, there's definitely a pool or even pinball vibe there, though there are no 'real' shadows at all yet, just some fake 'circles on the ground' ones but even just that adds 150% to the look of it.

I'd say, real or not, it's all about perception.  Keys issue seems fixed (or if you didn't change anything then my browser may react inconsistently). Happy Easter!

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Nice project Mark! There appears to be a bug with the sky, it constatly flashes purple and gets drawn over the floor and rest of the sky. This happens when moving or stopped. Im running Firefox version 99.0.1

Cheers noodle, sounds like a depth buffer precision issue to me will have a look.

Also does anything on this page looks dodgy?


Also, you hit 'i' to see some opengl info, and 'l' to see a log of messages being sent.

I don't see anything thats obvious

The logs were completely empty

Thanks for posting that, nothing pops out at me either but at least now I can compare your driver's caps/extensions ertc with mine and see if there's anything suspicious.

The new scanner looks ace. Good stuff Mark Sibly!

Very nice!

Ah neat experiment Mark, nice work :-)

This is a nice fun little game and has huge potential 

Nice this little game :). Glad to see you back in game making!

Was this made in Cerberus X?

Nope, C++/Javascript.

NotABot, are you seeing terrible lag?

Some stutter, but not terrible considering I’m way out in the boonies and internet here is slow

Also I’m on an iPad! :-

Cool! It still seemed 'sort of' playable too, you were leaping around a bit but not too badly. Did you notice getting shot for no reason, like a bullet just appears out of nowhere and kills you? It tries to be conservative and leaves it up to the victim to decide who dies. The alternative would be to let the shooter decide which I was thinking could feel more unfair.

....and LineOf7's disappears off somewhere over the horizon...!

it's flashin purple before my eyes lol.  Tried pressing T to talk but it toggled some weird culling

The sky is extremely purple but it shouldn't be flashing! There is no talk, just shoot...